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Magnolia House is fully sustainable and carbon-neutral.

Since Opening Our Solar Array has achieved:

13.7 MW/h

2654 kg

161 Equivalent

60.2 KW/h Max

Electricity Produced

CO2 Saved

Trees Planted

Solar in a day

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

The renovation of the entire building offered up a unique opportunity to build in as much tech and processes as possible, and this is how we achieve it:

  • A 34-panel, roof-mounted solar array which at peak will generate 12kw/h of home-made electricity

  • A pair of 300L ‘Mixergy’ smart water tanks that also double up as water-batteries

  • ‘Thermaskirt’ heated skirting boards in our guest rooms for space heating

  • Grid-supplied electricity from a wind-farm

  • A+ rated air-conditioning

  • LED, low power and motion-sensor lighting

  • Water-efficient showers, toilets and taps

Magnolia House Rye Solar Aerial_WEB.jpg
  • No single-use plastics

  • Substituting single-sachet items with re-fillable glass jars and bottles

  • Substituting bottles of still and sparkling mineral water with filtered, refrigerated tap water which is carbonated on-site.

  • Sorting our refuse into recyclable, non-recyclable and compost bins

  • Central Heating is delivered by an Air Source Heat Pump.

  • A 15kw home battery

  • Energy efficient appliances throughout the building

  • Guest rooms that are heavily insulated on all six sides

  • Two 7kw EV chargers for overnight charging

  • And all this adds up to a zero-emissions building

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