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There are 8 car-parking spaces for our 8 guest rooms and are available free of charge.

There is also a public car park across the road and less than 100 metres away if you require more than one car parking space per room, or have an especially large vehicle.

Generally speaking, it is possible to park your car here before your check-in time and similarly, we don’t mind if you need to leave your vehicle here for a few hours after check-out.

The supply to your car is controlled and metered by our app, and is charged at £0.85 per kilowatt hour. You will be charged based upon our meter reading after your charging cycle has ended. 

Your charging session must be booked, and confirmed,
in advance of your stay.

The electricity to your EV is from a renewable source.


Just let us know your plans in advance and we shall do what we can to accommodate your wishes.

Please note: It is imperative you let us know if you are driving anything larger than an SUV so we can manage the spaces accordingly.


Coming Soon in June 2023


Please check this page regularly, or call us, as we are planning to install four 7kw Type 2 chargers for overnight EV charging.

Our EV Charging points are already fitted with Charging Cables.

Overnight Charging

There are two 7kw (32amp) fast chargers in our guest car-park at the rear of the building, which are exclusively for guest use only. There are an additional two chargers in the courtyard at the front of the building for use by the public.

If you have an EV with Type 1 Charging
The chargers use Type 2 sockets and we have a Type 2 to Type 1 adaptor available for you to borrow.


Charging Sessions

The charging sessions are only available between 23.30hrs and 05.30hrs.


Please ensure your EV is plugged in before this time, and the charging cycle will start automatically. 


The charging cycle will start at 23.30 and will continue until 05.30. It will switch off automatically if your car reaches a full charge before then.

Disclaimer - Please Read

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused to your vehicle by using our EV charging points.

By paying to use our charging points you will have deemed to have read and accepted these conditions.

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